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The Point Where Digital Meets Cutting Edge Strategy & Innovation

March 11, 2020



Dupe Oyebolu

My Auntie Fehintola is a brilliant woman. In 1994, fresh out of law school, she started her own firm and made it into a profit-churning machine for many years. But things slowed significantly in 2013. “No money o! I made no money today!” she complained one Friday evening when I was visiting. It was the third time that week that she had come home like this. Her business had been running primarily on revenue from repeat clients, but after nearly 20 years, many of those clients had died or moved away. Auntie Fehintola knew she need to find new clientele. And since she found herself turning to the internet for many of her own service providers, creating an online presence seemed a logical step. So she spoke to a friend of a friend who told her about a man who could build her a website. Unfortunately, that man never got round to building the website because he was experiencing some, um, personal challenges (i.e. he was profoundly sub-efficient). But Auntie Fehintola did not relent. She asked around again and eventually found someone who made her a website that she liked well enough. They also created a Facebook page, and scheduled daily posts to go out. Their reasoning? The law firm down the street had done this and had gotten up to 3,000 likes on Facebook. Surely it would work for my aunt too? It didn’t. Before long she was coming home with her old complaint, because nothing was changing in her business, “No money o! I made no money today,” she said.

What my aunt needed (though she and I didn’t realize it at the time) was a company that would take the time to understand the distinct qualities of her brand, and use that understanding to design a bespoke digital communications strategy that would ensure her business got exactly what it needed— new clients, new business and increased revenue. What my aunt needed was … EnterFive.

EnterFive (e5) is a best practice solutions agency that leverages technology to transform businesses. Whether through bespoke web design, targeted online marketing campaigns, or custom product development, e5 helps clients of all sizes scale digital products and services while applying intelligence-driven best practices in its strategy.

“We’re not just throwing spaghetti on the wall and hoping it will stick. Everything we do for our clients is data-driven so results are evident. While we promote and create solutions for brands, we’re also about using tangible, objective reporting to protect our clients’ investment with us. Out with traditional and in with digital. ” says Kemdi Ebi, co-founder of the company.

The diverse team at e5’s core— developers, writers, designers, researchers, client managers—pool their knowhow to design highly personalized digital strategies. The team works with clients to develop and strengthen unique brand identities, understanding that transplanting solutions from one brand to another is unlikely to bring success.

e5 focuses on finding new opportunities for each client through in-depth industry research, consultative client engagements and innovative technology solutions that directly address client needs. One of such solutions is ‘Versus’, an exciting product that measures local brand sentiment across several industries. The first of its kind in Africa, Versus has drawn interest from local industries such as financial services, fast-moving consumer goods and even entertainment. It allows clients to track their brand performance alongside relevant competitors at any given period. It’s this kind of work that has placed e5 firmly at the cutting edge of digital strategy in Nigeria.

Once I’m done here, I’m writing my aunt an email so she can reach out to e5 to fix her firm’s digital life. What are you waiting for?

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